Motion: The Best Natural Pre-workout for Endurance Athletes


Gearing up for your next big hike, run or climb? Motion was specifically formulated with you and your specific activity type in mind! The unique demands of both hiking and climbing (which from a metabolic stimulus standpoint are similar) are different than a workout in a gym. When selecting your pre-workout supplement before heading out, there are a few key areas you have to look at.

Energy Needs

First, you have to understand the unique demands placed on your bodies energy systems (metabolic pathways for your science-nerds out there!). When you undergo a long-term activity you are primarily relying on your Aerobic energy system. This system (also called Aerobic Glycolysis) slowly produces energy (ATP) but at a much more efficient rate than other systems. (See this article for further reading on energy pathways and stimulus types if that’s your thing!)

Aerobic Glycolysis produces ATP using a combination of oxygen and nutrients (carbohydrates and fat), so naturally, it makes sense to have a balanced diet that fuels both of those systems. If you are doing higher intensity exercise (above ~50% max heart rate), you’ll be using stored carbohydrates (glycogen) as fuel. Which can last up to about 2 hours of activity before depletion occurs, also known as the wall or “bonk.”

However, most distance running, climbing and hiking is in the sub 50% max heart rate range, allowing for the usage of fat as the primary fuel source. There are many endurance athletes who choose a ketogenic diet(a diet that primarily uses fats as energy) to avoid the 2 hour carb crash, but selecting the right diet is a deep topic that deserves it’s own post!

In short, whether your hiking for several miles or gearing for a two thousand foot ascent, the first thing you are going to need is a lasting energy source on top of a well-balanced diet.


Whereas most pre-workouts on the shelf these days contain huge amounts of synthetic caffeine that will be rapidly absorbed (leading to jitters) and rapidly depleted (leading to a crash) Motion is different. The team at TRUWILD use a specially derived natural caffeine source called VegiSURGE.

VegiSURGE uses a natural form of caffeine extracted from green tea, yerba mate and green coffee. (If you want to dive into the science, check out VegiSURGE here). This special natural type of caffeine is absorbed slower resulting in a clean long lasting energy. But the team at TRUWILD (who are active hikers & climbers themselves!) didn’t stop at caffeine.

Crash Reducing L-Theanine

Have you ever felt an intense crash after drinking a big cup of coffee? TRUWILD founders Nate and Zac had felt this feeling both from coffee and other caffeine sources, which is why they researched and developed Motion to include L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea and has long been found (by many studies) to have a potent, synergistic effect when combined with caffeine. The primary effects are increased performance on cognitively demanding tasks and the disruption of the crash feeling that normally comes from caffeine.

Natural Slow Digesting Carb Source

It’s extremely important when doing long term activities that place an extended demand on the body to select slow-digesting carbohydrates. Most pre-workouts contain sucrose based sweeteners which have an adverse effect on glycemic response, causing distinct energy crashes.

Palatinose Sustaining Energy

This helpful graph shows the power of the long sustained energy curve of palatinose in comparison to that of sucrose. The benefit is clear -- if you want sustained energy, you need palatinose!

VO2 Max

Motion contains another special all-natural blend of adaptogens called Peak O2. (Peak O2) is a combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown locally in the U.S. This potent blend has demonstrated effectiveness at increasing workout duration, time to exhaustion, oxygen utilization during exercise, ability to uptake oxygen, and exercise capacity. So basically, it makes you able to workout for longer periods, more efficiently, while using less oxygen to do-so. (Check out the science here).

Combine PeakO2 with another all natural ingredient found in Motion - Beet Nitrates. While most nitrates are synthetically produced, TRUWILD sources theirs from non-GMO, high-nitrate soil. Nitrates further increase blood flow, which allow all of the other great ingredients mentioned so far to be more efficiently delivered to your muscles via the bloodstream.

Cramp Prevention

On top of everything else Motion delivers for you, it is also delivering an effective cramp preventing dose of potassium! Naturally sourced (what’d you expect!) from Covico, a (non-GMO) coconut water that contains the highest amount of potassium found on the market, Motion has 1000mg in every dose. Proper potassium intake combined with hydration is cited as one of the largest causes of muscle cramps, good thing Motion has you covered on both fronts!


Last, but definitely not least are electrolytes! Normally, pre-workout drinks contain tons of sugar which actually has an adverse effect on your hydration and electrolyte profile. Motion contains all-natural, pure, himalayan pink salt which contains over 84 trace minerals and elements (electrolytes). For endurance sports, like hiking and climbing, ensuring that your body has a healthy supply of electrolytes that are easy to absorb is of paramount importance.

As you can see, TRUWILD’s Motion is the ultimate natural pre-workout for hiking and climbing. It has you covered from all angles that are uniquely important for these endurance-based events from VO2 max and slow digesting carbs to electrolytes and hydration.

Zac and Nate (TRUWILD’s founders) care deeply about doing these activities, as well as creating the ultimate supplement to enhance performance in a natural, safe, and effective way. Learn more about TRUWILD’s ingredients here OR see what others are saying on Amazon Motion Product Reviews.


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