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The Search   

I used to spend a lot of time in the gym, drinking pre workouts and lifting for an hour every day. After a few sports injuries, I started to pursue different athletic activities like surfing, hiking, and cycling. I took the habits I had from the gym and applied them to my new passions. Quickly I learned that being an outdoor athlete required different supplementation, than when I lifted weights inside. I became fatigued quickly, dehydrated, and struggled to focus; I wasn’t performing at the level I knew I could. As I searched for solutions, I continuously found the same old high-stimulant based products meant for indoor gyms. That is when I ran into a friend on the search of the same mission…

  The Discovery

Zac and I had both hiked the Salkantay Pass in Peru towards Machu Picchu, where our guides used different whole-food ingredients to help us on the grueling 5-day trek. We noticed these guides flew up and down the mountains, carrying twice the weight we had and barely breaking a sweat. As we began traveling to more exotic places like the Swiss Alps, Tanzania, and Patagonia, the answer became very clear…

   The Adventure

TruWild was founded in 2017 after one year of traveling, testing, and mixing different natural ingredients from around the world. We wanted to do something different and shake up the supplement space. It wasn’t until we had the perfect combination to optimize our performance were we ready to launch. Our 100% whole-food supplements use natural ingredients from around the globe to help outdoor athletes maximize their passion.

We hope you enjoy our products as we continue to travel & develop new supplements for outdoor athletes as the only outdoor approved supplement brand.

Stay Wild,

Nathan & Zac


Mt. Kili-- Zac Curhan Staywild!

(Summit of Mt. Kilamanjaro, Tanzania)

"TRUWILD was built on the principle of maximizing your experiences, when you climb a mountain or surf a wave you want to be able to take it all in.                                                           That's what TruWild is all about!" -- Zac


Hiking Zion--Nathan Cox TRUWILD          

(Hiking Angels Landing, Zion, Utah)                                                              





"I could only find products that targeted indoor gyms, there are no whole food based products that worked for the outdoor lifestyle.

After traveling I quickly learned all the ingredients we needed were around us, and I could now take myself to the next level."  -- Nathan









TRUWILD--Brand ambassador

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