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Ground turmeric offers many health benefits, and has been used since ancient times for both its wellness and its healing properties. Read on to learn more about this amazing herb.

Turmeric is a rising star in the world of health enthusiasts, and this close relative of ginger promises a wealth of benefits, from improved heart health to boosted mood.  Derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, this functional food has been used for thousands of years as a part of both Ayurvedic practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Also called “golden spice,” ground turmeric has a distinctive yellow color and an earthy, gingery taste.  

Curcumin is the main ingredient in turmeric that gives it these health-boosting properties; however, the curcumin content of this beneficial spice is only about 3% by weight.  Therefore, it might be preferable to consume turmeric in supplemental form to ensure that you are getting a high enough quantity of active ingredients to reap the substantial health benefits.  We’ll explain some important health benefits of ground turmeric, and then we’ll discuss our top choice of turmeric products. 

Ground turmeric reduces inflammation

While short-term inflammation can serve an important purpose, helping your immune system do its job, chronic inflammation is linked to serious health conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Ground turmeric can mitigate the negative effects of inflammation as it fights tissue-damaging free radicals.  In addition to its natural antioxidant properties, turmeric may stimulate other antioxidants, boosting their activity and effectiveness.  More recently, curcumin has even been investigated for its potential to temper the over-aggressive immune response (also called the “cytokine storm”) experienced by some COVID-19 patients.


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Ground turmeric reduces pain

Turmeric has a long history in Ayurvedic practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a treatment for arthritis, and modern research has investigated the pain-relieving potential of this spice.  One study comparing the effects of curcumin to the arthritis drug, diclofenac sodium (an NSAID), showed greater symptom improvement in the patients administered curcumin.  Furthermore, the curcumin group reported no adverse effects.

Ground turmeric may also benefit athletes and exercise enthusiasts as it can speed up post-exercise recovery.  Curcumin has been shown to reduce post-exercise pain and tenderness, muscle damage, and inflammation.  Many athletes harness the power of curcumin to enhance recovery, protect joints, and boost performance.

Ground turmeric improves heart health

Research has shown that curcumin can promote heart health by supporting the lining of blood vessels (also called the endothelium).  The endothelium regulates important cardiovascular functions like blood pressure and blood clotting.  Additionally, some studies have suggested that turmeric may help lower LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol.  Of course, the anti-inflammatory properties of ground turmeric also bestow this potent spice with heart-protective effects.

Additionally, studies have shown that curcumin increases flow-mediated dilation (FMD), an important measure of cardiovascular health.  FMD relates to the capacity of blood vessels to dilate.  When FMD is higher, the result is increased blood flow supplying oxygen and nutrients to muscles, which supports not only heart health but also athletic performance.


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Ground turmeric boosts mood

Some studies suggest that curcumin can boost serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, boosting mood.  The most ambitious studies have compared the effects of curcumin to the mood-boosting effects of fluoxetine (Prozac).  Furthermore, curcumin may boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein responsible for the protection and renewal of brain cells.  Increased levels of BDNF may improve certain cognitive functions and help prevent neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. 

Ground turmeric fights diabetes

A lesser-known but valuable benefit of ground turmeric is its potential to fight diabetes and obesity.  One focus in diabetes research is an enzyme called AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), which is being investigated for its therapeutic potential with regard to insulin resistance.  In some cases, curcumin has been found to be up to 400 times more powerful than metformin in activating AMPK.  Furthermore, curcumin may reduce the proliferation of fat cells, and its anti-inflammatory effects may mitigate some effects of obesity.

Choosing the right turmeric supplement

Even if the turmeric supplement you choose comes in a relatively large dose, you’ll still need synergistic ingredients like piperine (a compound found in black pepper) to maximize bioavailability.  This is because curcumin is poorly absorbed when consumed on its own.  Piperine can enhance the absorption of curcumin by as much as 2000%.  Some health experts tout the benefits of consuming whole ground turmeric rather than curcumin in its isolated form because other constituents of the turmeric rhizome enhance curcumin absorption and reduce the potential for side effects at high doses. 

The best turmeric formulas harness the power of other natural ingredients to boost their beneficial effects.  Cayenne pepper and ginger can help stimulate the health-promoting elements of ground turmeric, and you can find these potent ingredients in TRUWILD’s Turmeric Curcumin Lemon Zinger formula.  Designed to maximize bioavailability with a healthy dose of organic black pepper, this product comes with just the right synergistic blend to deliver all the health-boosting benefits of turmeric. 


Launched in 2018, TRUWILD is an California-based wellness company with a keen focus on delivering products that not only taste great but are also backed by real science.  Co-founder Zachary Curhan stated in a recent interview: “We spent a lot of time on scientific studies to show that ingredients work with your body and actually create results.” 

With health enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers among their most loyal customers, TRUWILD embraces a deep appreciation for the value of good health and joyful living.  According to Curhan, “Adventure doesn’t have to mean climbing the tallest mountain or riding the biggest wave.  Every day is an adventure, and our products will keep you healthy on whatever adventure that may be.  A sense of adventure is important, and every day is precious, and your health is precious a well.”


Ground turmeric lives up to its nickname, “golden spice”

Used for thousands of years for its potent health benefits, ground turmeric is just as valuable as its nickname suggests.  Inexpensive and easy to procure, turmeric can be used as a culinary spice, in teas, or consumed in supplement form.  As this herb only grows in popularity, the market abounds with turmeric products in every shape and form; however, informed consumers look for turmeric supplements containing the right combination of synergistic ingredients to deliver the desired results.  From better heart health and mood support to enhanced athletic performance, the benefits of adding ground turmeric to your health regimen are manifold.  With the right turmeric supplement, you can be one step closer to enjoying bountiful health and many more great adventures.

written by Helen Jahn


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