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Nature Meets Science


We at TRUWILD know that creating products from the wild requires a commitment to the wild. Our all-natural products are produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and third-party testing to guarantee the highest quality. Not only are we dedicated to our customers, but we also respect our playground. That’s why TRUWILD products are proudly packed in the United States in a local cGMP facility in sunny Southern California.

Nature Meets Science

At TRUWILD, we truly believe that pushing your body to the next level has always been found within nature and not in a lab. After years of researching and testing natural ingredients from around the world, TRUWILD developed the most natural formula backed by science. Today, we are proud to pave the way as the only natural supplement brand created specifically for outdoor athletes. Our clinically tested ingredients come from whole foods and are specifically formulated to provide maximum performance. Each product is individually formulated with specific goals in mind like energy enhancement, optimal hydration, reduced stress, anti-inflammatory health, quick recovery and repair, detoxification, and daily nutrition. Get the natural fuel needed to help you dominate your next outdoor adventure with TRUWILD. 

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Money-Back Guarantee