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About Us

“We are the trailblazers of no nonsense, 100 Percent Natural Supplements.”

Truwild began with finding the solution to a question that had been ignored for too long in an industry that had neglected a community of those who sought adventure beyond the gym.

Why was there not a Supplement Brand for us?

For those who hike, ruck and trek?
For those who scale walls of ice and boulders of stone?
For those who feel at peace running outside than on a treadmill?
For those who swim in Lakes and surf the Oceans?
For the divers of waterfalls, the cyclists in the mud,
and for any and all bound to the Wild?

Truwild was the cure for those who demanded lasting results with no fake promises.

 Supplements to elevate performance, deliver consistently
and NEVER sacrifice taste.

Born out of necessity, Truwild is the result from those whose backgrounds, passions and purpose gave them the tools needed to pave the way for the creation of this brand.


Co-Founder, Strategist, & Manifestor


Co-Founder, Product Development, & Ingredient Guru

Nate and Zac’s friendships was never a coincidence. It was the meeting of two passionate Men who shared the purpose and drive to heal others and to take the Wild with them, wherever they went.

“so why the name, Truwild?”

A name that represented their values: dedication, purpose, honesty and conviction.

To stay… True.

A name that represented what they wanted to give back: freedom, connection, exploration and primality.

To stay… Wild.


Placing all financial risk on themselves Nate & Zac moved forward with faith in their purpose, to create the brand that was always meant to be.

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Money-Back Guarantee