TRUWILD // Where Nature Meets Science

TRUWILD uses natural science to ensure your body receives proven, clinically-tested ingredients, for maximum performance & output. We believe that taking your body to the next level has always been found within nature & not in a lab. After years of researching & testing ingredients from around the world, TRUWILD developed the most natural science based formula on the market. 


 PEAK O2 // The organic adaptogen blend that's proven to increase your VO2.

                    Peak 02 Ayurvedic mushrooms        

This scientifically developed & clinically tested blend is what elevates TRUWILD from the competition. The science doesn't lie, 1000mg of Peak O2 will increase your VO2 Max & power levels. TRUWILD knows that VO2 Max is the answer to helping athletes surpass their limits. What is Peak O2? It is an organic-certified combination of six Ayurvedic Mushroom strains grown right here in the U.S. These powerful adaptogens allow you to do just that “adapt” and overcome physical & mental stress which is exerted through intense workouts.

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Palatinose /The smartest carbohydrate available!

As you perform at high levels your body demands energy and glucose to function. TRUWILD sourced the highest quality, natural sourced smart sugar on the market. Palatinose is known as the smart carb, delivering balanced & long-lasting energy to the athlete…you! Sourced from sugar beet, Palatinose provides an improved metabolism, promotes fat burning, and enables balanced/ sustained energy supply. 

         Palatinose--the better energy Truwild                                             

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Covico // Purified All-Natural Coconut Water 

TRUWILD went beyond coconut water by using Covico, this non-GMO coconut water contains the highest amounts of potassium of any coconut water on the market. With 1000mg in every dose athletes will experience reduced cramping, longer workouts, and improved hydration.    

    Coconut Water--Motion             

 Natural Energy // Not 1 but 3 sources of natural caffeine for mental focus & clean energy!

TRUWILD steered clear of the cheap, synthetic caffeine that 95% of performance products use on the market. We believe in natural energy to get your mind firing & body in motion. Delivering on average 160mg of caffeine per serving and paired with L-Theanine, TRUWILD created a blend that increases natural energy levels, enhances mental focus, and disrupts the crash caused by normal caffeine intake. With the caffeine equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee provided from green coffee bean, green tea, and yerba mate Motion delivers sustainable energy throughout your exercise. Combined with L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, to combat the negative effects of coffee & stress by creating focus and clarity for the mind.       



Taurine // The “Wonder Molecule”!

When exercising at intense levels your body & heart undergo immense stress. Taurine, an amino acid, promotes cardiovascular health & electrolyte balances to reduce these stresses and increase your performance. With 1500mg per serving, TRUWILD provides a mega dose of taurine to ensure your body reaches the next level in a healthy & safe way! Taurine is also shown to promote extended aerobic performance & sustained energy when paired with caffeine & B vitamins!


Citrulline & Arginine // The Fatigue Fighters

Citrulline is commonly found in apple and melon rinds and is the precursor to arginine, an amino acid naturally occurring in our bodies. These ingredients increase nitric oxide production in our body enhancing blood flow, circulation, and energy! Known as the fatigue fighters, citrulline & arginine increase ATP production and aerobic energy, keeping your muscles firing & you in motion.


Beet Nitrates // Fuel the Beet!

Motion provides you with beet nitrates & beetroot powder for improved cardiovascular performance & increased nitric oxide levels. TRUWILD beets are sourced from non-GMO, high-nitrate soil to deliver the cleanest natural energy available. Rich in antioxidants, beets are also a great source for recovery and supplying vital nutrients to your bloodstream.


Himalayan Pink Salt & Electrolytes // From the Himalayas to Your Cells

Athletes need electrolytes to perform at a high level. Too many products on the market use cheap electrolytes with high amounts of sugar that actually decrease your overall performance and reduce hydration. TRUWILD went for the purest form of electrolytes available with Himalayan Pink Salt. Containing over 84 trace minerals & elements found in the human body, you will be able to replace & replenish what was lost during activity. 


The Bs + C // Metabolism & Immunity

We provide a complete B complex along with a high amount of vitamin C to ensure your metabolism is properly regulated and your body is able to combat inflammation and free radicals. You need to be healthy to be active, each serving ensures you are properly dosed with vital vitamins & nutrients to keep you moving!


Pomegranate Extract //  Time to Recover

Pomegranate extract is a top antioxidant and anti-inflammation ingredient to help combat the effects felt from extended exertion. TRUWILD uses an all-natural, non-GMO pomegranate extract to deliver a potent dose of recovery to your body. Every athlete needs to recover, and pomegranate extract will get you there quicker.


Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) // It all means nothing if you can't absorb it!

That's right, all of the above means nothing if your body can't absorb the nutrients and ingredients above. That's why TRUWILD provides Bioperine, a black pepper extract with clinical studies shown to increase the bioavailability of ingredients. Standardized to 95% piperine, the ingredient found to improve absorption, Bioperine is the highest quality absorber on the market. Bioperine ensures that all our handwork doesn't go to waste and you get the effects of Motion.


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