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Kombucha Powder - Gut Health

KOMBUCHA is loaded with gut-friendly probiotics, prebiotics, & digestive enzymes to support a healthy immune system and GI function. Our fermented tea powder is infused with apple cider vinegar and ginger to aid in digestion and provide antioxidants. Healthy digestive tracts lead to reduced inflammation, weight loss, and elevated moods. Enjoy the amazing taste that is flavored naturally and with nothing but real ingredients!

FERMENTED KOMBUCHA AND GREEN TEA POWDERS: Light & stable kombucha powder and green tea extract support an elevated immune system and a healthy gut to improve energy levels, decrease unwanted weight gain, and elevate your mood!

LIVE CULTURES - PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Packed with live probiotics and organic prebiotics to increase healthy microflora in your gut. Digestive enzymes to help breakdown food to increase energy & and improve weight loss.

HAPPY HEALTHY DIGESTION, IMMUNE SUPPORT AND & GUT FLORA: A healthy GI tract leads to improved metabolism, elevated immune system, and a better mood. Your gut health is vital to leading an overall balanced, healthy lifestyle.

ANTI-INFLAMMATION FROM APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND GINGER: Aid your body with apple cider vinegar and ginger extract to reduce gut inflammation and improve your immune system.

NO CHEMICALS, FILLERS, DYES, OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS/ SWEETENER: Contains All-Natural and Organic ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle and improved digestion. 

MADE WITH REAL INGREDIENTS: no artificial dyes or chemicals.


cGMP USA Manufactured | Non-GMO | Vegan | Gluten Free

Kombucha is packed with probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to promote healthy gut micro-flora and elevate your immune system. Enjoy it daily to promote happy overall wellness.


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Kombucha FAQ

Each bag contains 20 servings.

Totally!!! You can add it into water, juice or in any of your favorite beverages.

A delicous fermented tea that contains probiotics and been consumed for thousand of years. 

Probiotics are microorganisms (live bacteria and yeast) within your gut that are considered "good" gut bacteria. Having a balance of "good" gut bacteria is crucial for immune, hormone, digestive, and overall health. 

It has a slight fizzle to it and carbonation mouth feel.

Important note - It does not have the taste of the fermented fizzled vinegar like in bottled kombucha.